The International Interim Management Summit was held in Istanbul

December 6, 2017

The International Interim Management Summit was held in Istanbul

Expertera, along with our partner organization, Senior Management Worldwide, hosted the International Interim Management Summit in Istanbul on October 12, 2017.

Senior executives from Turkey’s leading companies and private equity funds joined interim management providers from over 15 different countries, from the UK to China, during the panel and networking event. During the panel, interim management case studies were shared, along with a discussion on the benefits of the model, it’s future, and frequently asked questions. The networking session enabled participants to meet and network with experienced interim managers and executives from around the world.

Flexible Workforce Moves into the C-Suite: Interim Management 

Who is an Interim Manager? 

Interim managers are experienced executives with an average of 20 years of leadership experience. They are competent, result-oriented professionals who prefer the flexibility and independence that project-based work provides. They take a hands-on approach and enjoy managing complex, challenging projects. Their previous experience in similar roles means they don’t require a lengthy orientation process; they add value to the company as soon as they join. They enjoy playing the “lifesaver” role, as well as being accountable for steering the company in the right direction.

When are Interim Managers used? 

The panelists emphasized that Interim Managers are especially helpful during periods of transition or transformation. Examples included during M&A, financial or digital transformations, restructuring and other critical and complex periods. The first-hand insights and expertise that interim managers bring can make a significant difference, enabling the company to move forward on solid footing.



Example case studies presented during the panel:

  • An Interim CFO for the Turkish operations of a global real-estate company
  • An Interim Plant Manager of a major European retail company to be located in Tunisia
  • An Interim CTO/CRO for a global IT company during a multi-country turnaround
  • An Interim General Manager for  a global retail company with HQ in the Netherlands
  • An Interim General Manager for the Turkish operations of a global manufacturer

The key advantages of working with Interim Managers

  • Speed: They enable you to fill a critical position quickly and effectively
  • Experience: You work with an experienced, results-oriented senior leader
  • Perspective: They bring an objective perspective & are focused on the goal, not internal politics
  • Results: They are action-oriented – they develop & execute effective strategies
  • Mentorship: They collaborate and share their expertise without letting ego get in the way
  • Flexibility: They enable you to be agile and flexible with your budget

Where is Interim Management in Turkey?

The significant increase in interim management use cases in Turkey proves that flexible, on-demand work arrangements are effective even at the C-suite level. While interim management has been used in Europe for some time now, it’s quickly gaining popularity in countries like China and Turkey. Interim Managers can be useful in nearly in all industries and in a wide variety of roles, from Director to CEO.

At Expertera, we are increasingly seeing companies adopting flexible working arrangements and using on-demand expertise. As interim management is a key element of the overall flexible workforce revolution, we are certain it will become more widespread and commonly used in the upcoming years.


A big thank you to all our partners, clients, and experts for their
valuable participation and contributions!