About Us

We are a dynamic, innovative team of business people developing cutting-edge solutions that make real impact in the collaborative yet independent future of work.

The Expertera Mission

To connect the world’s knowledge and expertise resources in a flexible, sustainable and independent manner

Our Values


We do what we love, do something greater than ourselves, and do it with passion. We define our purpose, and how it connects to company’s mission and the team as a whole.


We are not perfect, and we don’t pretend to be. We speak up our mind, we are always as honest and as transparent as we can be.


Take care of yourself, company and the world. We know we can make an impact, and we are the owners of each moment to make the change.


We know we are in this together and it is a team effort to go further. We share & work as a team, support and inspire one another. We listen & challenge each other, leverage creative friction to move forward.


Everyone is a startup. We are curious, we act, we learn from failure and move on.

We are self-learners, self-starters, leaders and creators. We don’t take success for granted, we challenge status quo, and enjoy trying the new. No permission is needed to get things done, and we get them done.


We know always a better is possible, and creating the better takes effort&time. We do not stop and settle, we work for the better of us and others around us.


We are grateful for each other, our community and to be part of the future of work movement.




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