What does Expertera do?

Expertera provides primary research and expertise to his clients via professional & qualified experts, in a timely, accurate, organized, legally compliant and cost-effective manner.

Which services does Expertera provide?

Auto-pilot research, Project Staffing, Primary research, Teleconferences / Video Conferences, Face-to-face interviews, Project based consulting, Special projects?, Custom or Tracker Surveys, Speaker Services, Data Analysis and Reporting Services.

Could you please give more information regarding the profiles of Experts?

Expertera Network consist of well-selected, competent professionals including, executives, managers, doctors, engineers, lawyers, real estate agents, lecturers, consultants and other professionals from all industries.

In which topics may a Client request information?

Expertera Clients may request information on any topic which does not cause conflict of interest, violation of legal requirements, disclosure of confidential information and trade secrets. We recommend you to check our Compliance Policy.

In which phase client will be available to access the Expert’s contact information?

Expert profiles without personal information (working history, experiences and specialties only), is shared with client. In case client intends to assign expert to the project and expert accepts to participate in the project; Expertera discloses the identities to both parties.

Are projects confidential?

Yes. Experts shall not reveal project or client information to third parties. Likewise, Clients shall not disclose any Expert’s contact details or information from consultations.

We have projects and would like to get support from Expertera. How should we proceed?

We will be glad to provide you the best-match experts. For your projects or ideas, you can contact us at (+90) 212 263 38 40 or send your project’s requirements to [email protected]


Does membership requires any fee?

No, registering in our network is totally free.

I am so busy and I am afraid of not allocating enough time to give consultation

You always have a right to decline projects which are proposed, as well as carrying out in a convenient time and place (in your off-time and weekends). Besides; since generally project’s duration is approximately 1 hour and can be conducted by phone, it does not cause you to lose time.

Could you inform regarding pricing and taxing issues?

Since pricing varies according to subject of the project, Expert’s experience and project’s scope; price is flexible. Pricing confirmation is made in the proposal phase of each project. Experts have no taxation obligations regarding the consultation projects. Expertera taxes the Expert’s fee over his note of expenses.

I am currently working for a company, does it cause a problem?

Consultations’ scope and content will not be regarding your company and will be generally in respect to sector dynamics. In the proposal phase of every project, you will be reviewing the project according to the NDA between you and your company. Beyond, you have a right to decline the projects that you are not permitted to support or which makes you feel uncomfortable.

How does the process work after the registration?

After the required evaluation completed; you will receive a confirmation mail about your membership .Then, you will be available to create your profile by entering detailed information such as your experience and specialities; and you will take the opportunity to be well-estimated for the projects. Finally, we will be in contact for the client projects which are relevant to your background.

Would my personal information be revealed?

In the Expert Selection phase, your profile without personal information ( working history, experience and specialties only) is shared with client. In case client requests to assign you to the project and you accept to participate in the project; Expertera discloses the identities to both parties.

Are projects confidential?

Yes. Experts shall not reveal project or client information to third parties. Likewise, clients shall not disclose any expert’s contact details or information from consultations.

Before The Consultation

Should I be prepared for before the consultation? How long will it take?

Yes, please prepare for the questionnaire in advance. The consultation generally takes about 1 hour. Please make sure you are in a quiet place during the consultation.

I’ve got invitation for a project from Expertera, but have not received final confirmation. What should I do?

You can contact with the Expertera Project Manager directly. If you do not have his/her contact details, please contact us at: (+90) 212 263 38 40 / [email protected]

What should I do if the consultation time has been changed repetitively?

We are trying every means to avoid such changes. However, please be advised that there can always be unexpected changes in consultation arrangements. If you are facing with such changes repetitively, please inform us by sending e-mail to: [email protected]

If I have any disagreement in questions or Consultation Guideline given before the consultation, what should I do?

You can contact the Expertera Project Manager or send an e-mail to [email protected]

I want to learn more about benefits of becoming part of Expertera Network?

You can read more on ” for=””>

What happens if an Expert does not demand a compensation for consultations?

In this case, Expertera will donate an appropriate sum – based on consultation project – to a foundation for children’s education.

During The Consultation

Who will interview me?

The Expertera Project Manager will inform you before the consultation. Then our client will call you for the consultation for the project. Expertera does not take any part in consultations.

Should I answer all the questions during the consultation?

No. As an Expertera Expert, you have the right to refuse to answer any question which are inappropriate or may cause confidential risk.

What kind of information could cause potential confidential risks?

This includes any non-public information which may affect your company or investors’ decision on the purchase or sale of securities, etc. For more information, please kindly read our , Compliance Policy, and Terms & Conditions.

If the client asks sensitive questions about my company or requests company data/statistics from me, what should I do?

We recommend you decline such sensitive requests with appropriate explanations. After the consultation, please inform the Expertera Project Manager of the situation.

After The Consultation

How will I get my consultation fee and who will make the payment?

The Expertera Project Manager will follow up with you for feedbacks after the consultation. Upon confirmation of consultation completion, consultation fees will be settled by Expertera within given period of time.

If the client contacts me after the consultation without any prior arrangement of Expertera, what should I do?

All the consultations are arranged by Expertera. This is important for to protect your own rights. In case the client contacts you without the knowledge of Expertera, please direct the client to the relevant Expertera Project Manager to arrange any follow-up communication with you. Please be advised that Expertera will not be responsible for any consultation between you and the client Without the Expertera Project Manager’s arrangement and note that it is a violation of Expertera Terms & Conditions.

If I haven’t received payment within the specified time, what should I do?

If your payment delayed due to possible system errors, please directly contact with the Expertera Project Manager. If you do not have his/her contact details, please call us at or send e-mail to: +90 (212) 212 263 38 40 / [email protected] Upon your notice, we will solve the problem and your payment will be effected to your account immediately.




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