Experts for UX (User experience)

Design is more than just choosing colors.

Expertera brings the strategic power of design to you.


Expertera is a global on-demand top talent and expertise platform featuring more than 15,000 experts. Our comprehensive user experience services help brands and companies get ready for the new digital trends and demands from customers.  

A good user experience brings new customers to you through added value, increases customer satisfaction continuously, and turns your customers into loyal ambassadors of your brand.

Expertera offers a wide variety of design services through the experts on the platform. We screen our experts’ design skills elaborately. 

Hourly, daily, weekly, and project-based engagements are available.  

User Experience Services

UX Health Check

In just a week, we can evaluate your product or service to identify the highlights and lowlights, then offer you a plan for next steps.

Usability Studies

We can test your product or service with the right users, using the right techniques, and discover areas of improvement.

Customer Experience Evaluation 

We can map the overall experience of your customer step by step to find their moments of happiness and problems that needs to be taken care of.

Interviews and Fieldwork

We can go out to the field with your team to deeply understand the usage of your product/service, so that you can identify the strengths and weaknesses, and discover hidden opportunities for your next steps.

Screen and flow design

We can design the screens and the user flows for your projects, and work with the analysis and software teams to implement it correctly.


When you say “What about this new idea?” or “Would it be better if...”, we can quickly design a concept to see your idea concretely.


We can help you create new alternatives through creative techniques, and help you pick the right one using proven scientific approaches.

Design training

We can improve the design skills of your designers, analyts, agile teams, product managers and front-end developers, and help them gain hands-on experience with the latest design practices.

 Mentoring / Executive Coaching

We can support your managers leading your design teams, even if they may not have a design background. With the Executive Coaching program, we can support your executives make better use of design to gain strategic advantage in the market.

Expertera UX Lead, Aras Bilgen  

Aras ensures the success of our customers by matching them with the right design talent in our network.

As an executive who strongly believes that design is more than just choosing colors, he set up and grew many successful design teams that created amazing user experiences. He led the experience design and front-end development teams at Garanti/BBVA, managed the digital product teams at ÇiçekSepeti and monitise, and worked as a UX planner at Intel. The products he worked on are used by more than 160 million users worldwide.

Aras holds a Masters degree from Georgia Institute of Technology and a Bachelors degree from Bilkent University. He carried out academic research projects in Lancaster University and Microsoft Research Cambridge. He shares his VP-level design management expertise and strong academic background in international conferences and offers strategic design consultancy and training for companies of all sizes.