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Understanding expertise

We define expertise as a deep level of understanding & finesse an individual gains on a certain domain.
We believe this deep understanding makes their time & thoughts uniquely valuable.

What do we mean by expertise?

We believe expertise is held by people who consistently perform at exceptionally high levels. These individuals have developed instinctual responses to many of the cases they come across. They know how to navigate a certain domain & can deliver results at exceptional standards.

Knowledge vs Expertise

While expertise indicates becoming a leader in an area through having a level of skill that goes beyond just knowing things, knowledge is defined as information gained through experience or education.

However we believe expertise indicates a level of actionable intelligence that goes deeper than academical insight or knowledge.

Why work with experts?

Experts get qualified results faster & more efficiently than juniors. They spend years developing pattern recognition across a multitude of cases.

Working with experts allow you to tap into their skills and deliverables and use them as tools to get work done. It’s important to remember that experts have spent years learning, iterating and perfecting their craft so you don’t have to.

What makes an expert

Experience and insight combined with a hell of a lot of knowledge

If you have the feeling we have been talking about you, It might be time to consider joining Expertera!

Become an Expert

Deep dive into the mind of an expert

Expertise is not always how it is perceived from the outside. We believe understanding an expert is the first step to a lucrative relationship.


Experts are made, not born.

In today’s developing world we have all the resources to be an expert. With enough and systemic practice and working you can be an expert.


You can choose an expert for any key business discipline

This could be accounting, funding, logo design, app development, customer support, marketing agencies, HR experts to name just a few.

deep specialism

Knowing what you do vs. Doing what you know

Being an expert requires that person to be fully absorbed in their efforts to improve. They should focus on the task at hand for it to be effective.


Real experts seek out constructive, even painful feedback.

They’re also skilled at understanding when and if a coach’s advice doesn’t work for them. The elite performers know what they are doing right and concentrated on what they were doing wrong