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Why does on-demand expertise matter?

On-demand expertise solutions are defining the future of work.
Here is how it’s happening & why you should care.

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01- reach

Diversify & expand your expertise

On-demand expertise solutions allow you to partner up with experts all around the globe.

02- efficiency

Hastle-free & cost efficient

Spend less time on contracting, proposals and payments. Spend your time & effort on things that matter.

03- agıle solutıons

An agile solution for teams focused on getting things done

Collaborate with experts on a need-state basis without affecting your in-house processes.

04- future of work

A new tool in your arsenal

On demand expertise adds a value based seamless tool to help you get things done.

On-demand is the Future of Work

35% of the US workforce is freelancing, and 65% of Gen Z is choosing to freelance.
Using on-demand talent is becoming more mainstream.

On demand talent is the 6th largest economy in the world.

Here is how to utilize on-demand talent to create impact:

Businesses that want to keep up in an uncertain and rapidly changing world will need continuous access to the latest skills and the ability to deploy them effectively.

Join the on demand revolution

The world is changing, it’s time we change too!

The world is moving to new talent models, driven by tech advancements, cultural changes, and the profound impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Smart organizations are already working with trusted on-demand talent platforms to build their internal capabilities and manage a blended workforce of in-house and on-demand talent. While the changes necessary to build these capabilities may seem daunting, the research is clear that the value far outweighs the cost.

Or, as the study from Harvard Business School puts it: “Companies will find those costs worth bearing when they realize how on-demand freelance talent can be essential to their continued viability. To harness the full potential of an on-demand workforce, companies will need to embrace the disruption of digital talent platforms, just as they would reorganize while adopting any important new technology.”

Plugging the skills gap in digital business transformation

Digital projects need top talent! These workers need to be experienced and multidisciplinary, with deep business and technical expertise. They need to have a good handle on how to navigate regulations, distribute resources, and optimise their benefits, particularly in regard to the long-term success of the project. Undoubtedly, the time to seize opportunities is now – as customer expectations become increasingly aligned with a digital world, companies that don’t act risk irrelevance. However, the expanding skills gap is compelling companies to reappraise their approach to talent acquisition.

As the necessary competencies become all the more specialist – just take the fast-moving regulatory environment as one example – businesses are struggling to source the expertise they need via traditional means. Now, the freelance marketplace holds the solution. The industry’s most promising talent is moving to freelancing in their droves, making it the most fertile ground for human resources. Moreover, this shift should be seen as a significant opportunity in terms of efficiency and economy. By embracing freelance talent, HR departments can dramatically cut hiring costs and onboarding times.